Child of The 70s – Season 3

Susan recently began filming Child of The 70s Season 3. “Child of the ’70s” is a web series starring Michael Vaccaro as “Carlo Perdente,” a down-on-his-luck actor in NYC whose life is falling apart. His boyfriend dumps him, he loses his rent-controlled apartment, he gets fired from his survival job on Christmas Eve, and his overbearing Italian family is pressuring him to give up his dreams and get a “real job.” A chance encounter with his favorite 1970s TV idol changes his life forever… but maybe not for the best!

Susan portrayed “Nickel” in Season 2, and now Season 3.

Mama Claus: Deck the Halls with Guts

Susan and Michael in VirginiaThe word is out! Susan is currently filming in Virginia for the Netflix Original Movie “Mama Claus: Deck the Halls with Guts” where she portrays the title character.

The Daily Progress caught up with Susan:

She said the role well suited her. “It’s disgusting and really sick and evil and wrong and I like that,” she said, stopping in at the Culpeper Visitors Center prior to the day’s shoot at an abandoned public works complex west of downtown on Spring Street. The town of Culpeper is adorable, said Olsen. “We don’t have towns like this in Los Angeles because they bulldoze everything — if it’s 50 years old it’s too old,” she said.

Mama Claus: Deck the Halls with Guts premieres on Netflix in November.

Auction to Support Susan’s Favorite Charity

Precious Paws Auction
Precious Paws
Want to own a piece of Brady Bunch history? How about supporting Susan’s favorite charity at the same time? Starting today (Feb 28th) @ 5PM Pacific, Precious Paws will be holding an Celebrity Auction on eBay. Susan has been a member of the Precious Paws Board of Directors since 2009.

The announcement from Precious Paws:

This afternoon at 5 PM PST I have an Ebay auction going live for initially ten days for the first items listed…. and I set up an Ebay store so I will keep adding items and experiences as I get them.
Here is the link come back at 5 PM and listings will magically start appearing. I have been working on these listings for days… and I am still listing items… whee!

Click here for the auction.

Not only will Brady memorabilia be available, but memorabilia from other celebrities as well as the opportunity to meet them. Keep checking back and support a great cause!

New Ways to Listen to the Shows



Candy Poop Just In Time For The Holidays

Over at the Examiner they have a great article on Susan’s Poop Candy.

The world got to know about Cindy’s crap quickly when a recent article in the Huffington Post compiled the list of Christmas Gifts For Weird People: The Official 2014 Guide. On that list is Susan Olsen’s candy crap, and the local candy store was immediately inundated with requests.

“We are getting orders from all over the world, and it’s great,” says Candy Factory owner Frank Sheftel at a visit this week at the shop. “They are good, aren’t they? They don’t taste like crap.”

Susan’s Crap – Christmas Gifts For Weird People

Over at the Huffington Post, they’ve compiled the Christmas Gifts For Weird People: The Official 2014 Guide. On that list is Susan Olsen’s candy crap.

From the Article:

Chocolate is a great gift, but can seem a little generic. If you buy candy shaped like dog and cat poop, there is no doubt that your loved ones will know you were thinking of them (whether or not they like what you were thinking is not your problem). And unlike normal pet poop, this product is endorsed by a celebrity — former ‘Brady Bunch’ cast member Susan Olsen — so it has to be good (or at least not taste like actual animal feces).


In the premiere episode of F.L.U.I.D. Talk Radio, Willie Aames and Jennifer Runyon interview their co-host, Susan Olsen. It seems Susan Olsen is not a character played by Cindy Brady, but rather it’s the opposite and she’s bad ass. In episode 01 of F.L.U.I.D. (look up the acronym) Willie Aames and Jennifer Runyon get into the fascinating genius behind the television icon. Usually F.L.U.I.D. will be “NO stalgia”, as we try to deepen the pool and get into new conversations. That said, one last daytrip back through time won’t hurt…

Current Pop Culture Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with WBAR NYC on BlogTalkRadio

New Website Launch

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