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    Susan Olsen is internationally recognized for her role as Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch. She is an actress, writer, artist, producer, radio personality and, most importantly, the mother of a teenage son.

    She began her career as an entertainer in 1962 at the age of fourteen months, retiring from the business at the age of 3. She returned to show business a couple of years later when a talent scout picked her out of her kindergarten class to sing a song on The Pat Boone Show. She also appeared singing in an Elvis Presley movie. Various jobs finally led her to the role of Cindy on The Brady Bunch – a show that has been on the air for over 40 years around the world.

    After The Brady Bunch ended, she became a successful graphic artist. Susan worked for fashion designers and served as art director for a Malibu based clothing company. She left there to start her own firm called Man In Space and developed a line of glow in the dark sneakers for Converse Shoes as well as various other graphic art projects including book illustration.

    A unique and valued relationship shared with the original Cast members of the Brady Bunch led to Olsen Executive producing “Brady Bunch Home Movies” a prime time television special for CBS. Experience with improvisational comedy in radio has developed Susan’s wit making her a successful spokesperson for a number of issues and a favorite guest on all the major talk shows. Radio experience has included both performing and writing for “Ober and Olsen” a Los Angeles based radio show which followed Howard Stern on KLSX and “H2O” another radio show based in Los Angeles for the Comedy World Network. Susan’s later appearances involved being a spokesperson for Migraine awareness.

    Lifelong animal lover and single mother with a child diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Susan became involved in foster parenting kittens and puppies from the local shelter as an aid in helping her son understand empathy. Over the past five years, Susan has become more involved in animal causes. Susan wishes to present a rational voice in animal welfare advocacy and not align herself with radical animals rights activists groups. She has been the Director of Media and Special Projects and also a foster mother for the nonprofit group Precious Paws. She takes under aged animals into her home weans them and helps prepare and place them for adoption.

    Susan has recently gone back to art and has produced a series of fine art giclees sold under the name “the Art of Rescue by Susan Olsen”. Sale’s of these paintings of rescued animals and other scenes help raise funds for animal causes.

    Susan has also started a line of candy, intended as a gag gift, the candy resembles animal waste and is called “Candy Kitten Crap” and “Candy Puppy Poop”. It is currently being marketed across the country and a percentage of the proceeds go to animal rescue.

    To stay up to date with Susan please go to her official website, www.SusanOlsen.Net.

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